Alice Through the Looking Glass - "Festive Edition"


Celebrate Christmas in true Wonderland style with this special festive edition of Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There.

With a foiled festive cover and a Christmas letter from Lewis Carroll as a foreword, this limited edition gift book is the perfect gift for Alice fans, and a must-have for every collector's bookshelf.

In a collectable, keepsake size, ideal as a stocking-filler, this unique edition contains Lewis Carroll's complete, original text and iconic illustrations from Sir John Tenniel throughout. Alice's extraordinary adventures are brought to life as caught up in the great looking-glass chess game, she sets off to claim her crown, meeting unforgettable characters along the way, such as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and Humpty Dumpty.

OPTIONAL - Alice's Shop 150th Anniversary Commemorative Bookplate:

Please choose "Yes Please" if you would like to have the Alice's Shop 150th Christmas Anniversary Bookplate or "No Thank You" if you prefer not. Bookplate placed inside first page. 

Through the Looking Glass - 150th Christmas Information - 2022

150 years of Alice's Shop and Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Through the Looking-Glass was published on 27th 1871, but the first editions are dated 1872. This Christmas is definitely the 150th Christmas since publication. Alice's Shop is renowned as the inspiration for the Old Sheep Shop in Through the Looking-Glass. Alice's Shop is the only place you and recognise in the real world and in the Alice stories. This Christmas present set is available until December 15th or until stocks last.