Belizabeth Guerrero Alice in Wonderland Lace Necklace


"Curioser and curioser!

This handmade necklace features an Original Alice in Wonderland Illustration on the front by Belizabeth Guerrero, and an engraved White Rabbit on the back. Includes a lace ribbon trim and a little Silver plated White Rabbit Charm.

Item details:

A Glass Cabochon encasing an Original Alice in Wonderland Illustration Print by Belizabeth Guerrero all mounted on an antique silver tone clock base with White Rabbit engraved back. The white lace ribbon trim and chords have a White Rabbit Charm attached. We have also White Rabbit and  Cheshire Cat design as well.

Dimensions Base (Bezel) Outer diameter approx 40mm / Inner diameter approx 35mm / Blue̴Ì_lace ribbon trim and cords approximately 45cm


About the artist:

Belizabeth Guerrero is a Spanish illustrator based in London. Alice in Wonderland has enthralled her since she was a little girl, and now has become an essential part of her artwork. She loves drawing her own interpretation of characters and scenes from Alice's adventures, working in a combination of pencil and digital painting resulting in realistic-looking fantasy illustrations full of details.

*Please Note:

Colours may vary depending on each monitor/screen display.
Due to small parts, this product is not recommended for small children.
Your pendant is water resistant but not waterproof. Please remove before showering, swimming, etc.