Hiroko Hanna - Alice Growing in the Tiny House


Hiroko Hanna - Alice Growing in the Tiny House by Hiroko Hanna, renowned Japanese artist. In this picture Alice begins to grow to her normal size after shrinking to get through the secret door.

Hiroko Hanna has had a fascination with Alice in Wonderland throughout her career since the 1980s. Her works on Alice in Wonderland are notable as she uses the original Alice as her model. Alice Liddell the daughter of the Dean of Christ Church College 150 years ago lived just across the road from Alice's Shop. These colourful and delightfully detailed prints are floating and whimsical in nature. This print is part of a set of four prints which are part of a limited edition of 200, each being signed and embossed stamped by the artist. Mounted in white card 30.5 x 26.0 cm.